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Our network consultancy services will help improve the design and efficiency of your IT network. We advise on the best technologies and architecture for your budget.

We plan and design the topology of your network around integrating business critical systems, ensuring that your network runs smoothly and meets the needs of your company.

Our installers are are always professional and respect the business environment. What’s more, we endeavour to complete your installation outside of business hours with minimal disruption.

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Boost the performance of your business with our network consulting & installation services

DMZs separate your internal network from other untrusted networks, usually the Internet. This provides an additional layer of security as it restricts the ability of hackers to directly access internal servers and data.

Depending on your network requirements we make use of both/either CAT5 and CAT6 cabling. As a means of future-proofing your network, CAT6 is generally a better choice and is backwards compatible with both CAT5 and CAT3.

We set up Quality of Service (QoS) rules on your switch to distribute bandwidth to your different devices and applications based on your priorities. This ensures a faster connection when needed for prioritised devices.

The advantage to 10 Gigabit Ethernet is the speed involved. Even small companies often deal in huge amounts of data, which is where 10Gb speeds can make a big difference to your productivity and efficiency.

A VLAN is a group of devices on one or more LANs that are configured to communicate as if they were connected, when in fact they are located on a number of different segments. This makes VLANs extremely flexible.

Installations of Layer 2 switches are ideal for high-speed connectivity between end stations at the data link layer. Layer 3 switches are super-fast routers that do Layer 3 forwarding in hardware.

network consulting & installation

Network Consulting & Installation

All our networking services are designed to optimise the speed, efficiency and security of your company network

From designing a brand new, multi-site network infrastructure to upgrading a single server: at Solaris we offer the full spectrum of network services, hardware and installation.

What’s more, network consultations are completely free and without obligation. We’ll assess your requirements and the best hardware for the job based on your budget, and provide a detailed quotation and schematic.

Why choose us?

There are a host of network consulting & installation companies out there, but this is what makes us different

Quality Guarantee

All hardware, components and cabling supplied by Solaris comes with a minimum 1 year guarantee. That means should anything malfunction, we’ll replace the faulty item immediately.

24/7/365 Support

We don’t just work during business hours. At Solaris we understand that our clients may need support outside of general working hours, which is why we are always available to assist.

99.9% Uptime

No company can afford downtime, which is why we only develop the most reliable networks, with proactive monitoring to ensure issues are dealt with before they become significant.

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