With data backup & storage you'll never lose your work again

By being prepared in the event of drive failure or theft, our data backup & storage service ensures that your data is always retrievable

Decided you want to protect your data? We come to your premises to do an initial data backup & storage of all your important files, then setup an automated system that continues to run scheduled backups after-hours.

We use a remote synchronisation tool that minimises the amount of data copied by only moving the portions of files that have changed. You can carry on working as normal and won’t even know the system is running.

Your data is stored on our server in a secure offsite data center with cutting edge security systems. You can relax knowing your data isn’t floating in the “cloud” on some random server, but is stored safely right here in SA.

Home Starter

Store your files securely and access them anytime

R29 pm

Incl VAT

  • 30 GB Disk Space
  • Edit Documents Online
  • Access From Any Device
  • Sync Calendar & Contacts


Business Basic

Store your files securely and access them anytime

R99 pm

Incl VAT

  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • Edit Documents Online
  • Access From Any Device
  • Sync Calendar & Contacts


Business Pro

Store your data securely and access your files anytime

R499 pm

Incl VAT

  • 500 GB Disk Space
  • Edit Documents Online
  • Access From Any Device
  • Sync Calendar & Contacts


Enterprise Pro

Secure data storage and remote synchronisation

R999 pm

Incl VAT

  • 1000 GB Disk Space
  • Server to Server Syncing
  • Automated Backup Scheduler
  • Ultra Secure Encryptions


Talk to us now to secure your valuable data

Our data backup & storage solution automatically backs-up your important files

Access your files, wherever you are, with SolarCloud

We not only store and protect your data, but also give you access from your desktop or mobile devices

Edit documents online

Edit your documents online, from any computer or mobile device, in real time whilst preserving the layout and formatting of your documents.

Sync calendar & contacts

Store, sync and share your calendar and contacts. Share with users or groups on your profile, or sync with your devices and access them anytime.

Store precious photos

Never run the risk of losing your irreplaceable photos again. We bring you one secure location to store all your photos, which you can view or download anytime.

7854 GB
Data Transferred
Files Hosted
Pages Stored
Backups Run

Why you should opt for data backup & storage

Even the best hard drives sometimes fail, and theft or disaster can strike at anytime; protect your data now before the unthinkable happens

Never lose your emails

If you’ve ever lost even a few of your important emails, you’ll know that it can take considerable time to come back from the loss. By storing your data with us, you’ll never have to run that risk again.

Secure your databases

Databases are updated constantly, which means that you need a system that will always store the latest version of your database. Our data backup & storage system will keep you up to date.

Save your work projects

When you’ve spent hours, days or weeks on a particular project and then suddenly lose your work, it can have catastrophic consequences. With our automated backup system, your work will be safe.

Store crucial documents

Whether it’s private company information, client details or your business accounts, we’ll give you peace of mind knowing your irreplaceable documents are always secure.

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    Home StarterBusiness BasicBusiness ProEnterprise Pro
    R29 R99 R499 R999


    100GB 500GB 1000GB

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