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We provide computer support for a multitude of ails

Email not working?

It can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to work but your emails aren’t sending or receiving (or worse, are lost completely). We can either fix the problem remotely or over the phone, or we’ll send a technician out to you.

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PC not starting up?

If your computer suddenly doesn’t switch on or boot into Windows, the problem may be one (or a combination) of a large number of potential system failures. We’ll assess where the problem lies and replace or repair any malfunctioning components or installations.

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Trouble with your printer?

We’ve all encountered the frustration of not being able to print a document or connect to the printer. Whether it’s a software, network or hardware issue, we’ll have your printer back online as quickly as possible.

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Hardware failure?

Even the best computer components sometimes fail. Whether your screen’s not working, your hard drive has crashed, or any other hardware has ceased to function, we’ll run a full diagnostic to identify the issue and replace any damaged components.

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Computer too slow?

When your computer is no longer running the way it used to, it could be corrupt files, a virus infection or a sign that your hard drive might fail imminently. We’ll analyse your set up and repair or upgrade it where necessary.

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Suspect a virus?

Virus infections are a regularly occurring problem in today’s world. We’ll attempt to remove any virus, spyware, malware, adware or other virtual infections from your computer and get you back to a clean system.

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Connectivity problems?

It’s often impossible to get any work done without a reliable internet connection. If you are having trouble connecting to the internet, or your connection is slow, we’ll test your line and service and get you connected again.

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Software malfunction?

Vital software applications sometimes become corrupt and cease to function. We will reinstall or restore any corrupt software and transfer your data, getting you back up and running the way you were before.

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Our computer support services

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Remote support


Certain issues can be resolved by simply giving us remote access to your computer. In this case (provided you have a working internet connection), we will logon to your computer remotely and fix the problem. Price includes 30min remote support.

Remote IT Support

Onsite support


Request a technician to come through to your premises and resolve your issue. We will either do the work onsite, or take the faulty item back to our workshop for any lengthy repairs. Price includes call-out and 15min onsite labour.

IT Call-Outs

New equipment

Quote me

Anytime you purchase new equipment from us, we’ll deliver your goods directly to you the moment they’re ready. Your equipment will then be installed and set-up ready to use. Prices include connection and configuration.

Hardware & Software Sales


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