An outsourced IT team that works with you

Here’s why we think outsourced IT is the right option for your business

At Solaris we tailor our services around your company’s needs. There are no pre-defined packages containing unwanted extras; we give you only what you need based on your unique IT requirements.

With our experience and expertise, you can be sure that there’s no system we can’t handle or problem we can’t resolve. Our all-encompassing skill sets ensure successful management of any IT infrastructure.

Relax in the knowledge that your IT infrastructure, network, hardware & software are in the hands of professionals. We offer enterprise-class outsourced IT support, remote monitoring and proactive maintenance.

By choosing how often you’d like a technician onsite based on your outsourced IT needs, you get the peace of mind of knowing that whatever problem arises we will be on-hand to fix it immediately.

Our all-inclusive outsourced IT services allow you to accurately forecast & control your IT budget based on the number of units in your infrastructure, giving you the confidence to allocate resources as you choose.

We ensure your IT is distraction free by working when it’s most convenient for you. Any project that would result in temporary downtime for your company will be scheduled outside of business hours, at no extra cost.

It's not just work, this is our passion

We are excited about what outsourced IT can do for you, together we’ll bring out the best in your business

We speak your language

It can be frustrating trying to communicate with IT guys who only speak “tech”. That’s where we’re different; we put our plans across in plain english and explain why the steps we take are beneficial to your business.

We know what works

Not all systems and hardware are made equal. With our years of experience and insider knowledge of the best tech for the job, your company will benefit from having the most efficient outsourced IT team.

We take responsibility

You won’t have to dread calling the service desk when you have an IT-related problem. We will take ownership of the problem and resolve your issue quickly and with as little downtime as possible.

Find out what outsourced IT can do for you

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Outsourced IT business solutions

Service offerings that keep your company operating at peak performance

Server Room Monitoring

We’ve developed SolaWatch, a unique product that will be installed in your server room allowing us to remotely monitor temperature and/or detect smoke. This means we can act fast should the cooling system fail and avoid a system shutdown.

Managed Network Security

Through the combination of trusted applications and proactive monitoring, your network will be more secure than ever. Our solution offers the maximum level of protection against any virtual threats to your endpoints and servers, across multiple platforms.

Data Archiving & Storage

We’ll set up an automated system to backup your critical data on a pre-determined schedule, and store it both on your premises and in our secure offsite data center, making it easily recoverable in the event of drive failure, theft or natural disaster.

Hosted Services

Everything under one roof

There’s no need to deal with multiple service providers any longer. At Solaris IT we handle everything you need from your line, to internet, hosting and email.

Scalability to fit your needs

As your business grows so do your online needs. We take the guesswork out of which packages to choose and make it easy to scale up or down as needed.

Tailored storage and bandwidth

Whether you need super-fast internet and unlimited traffic, or a capped solution that meets your needs, we’ll give you whatever option works for you.

Assistance with your transfer

Transfer your domain, hosting or internet to us and we’ll make the process completely painless and have you back up and running ASAP.

Calculate your costing

Our pricing is completely transparent. When you take us on as your outsourced IT partner, we make budgeting easy.

How the calculator works

In each block please enter the number of those specific units located at your premises that you’d like to include in the maintenance agreement. If you are not sure what an item is or whether you possess it, either leave the block blank or see explanations below.


What is a DNS / DHCP / File Server?

In most cases a File Server will be in use. If you are not sure whether you do in fact make use of any of the below server types – or how many you possess – please leave it out. Include any/all of the following that you are sure of:

  • A DNS Server matches domain names to their associated IP addresses. Allocate 1 point per DNS Server on your premises that you require maintenance of.
  • A DHCP Server automatically assigns IP addresses to the computers on your network. Allocate 1 point per DHCP Server on your premises that you require maintenance of.
  • A File Server is a physical server allowing users to access files stored in anywhere on your network. Allocate 1 point per File Server on your premises that you require maintenance of.

What is a Mail Server?

A Mail Server receives incoming emails from local users (on your network) and remote senders, and forwards outgoing emails. Allocate 1 point per Mail Server located on your premises that you require maintenance of.

What is a Proxy Server?

A Proxy Server acts as a gateway between your local network and the internet. Allocate 1 point per Proxy Server located on your premises that you require maintenance of.

Workstations & Users

What do you mean by Workstations?

Include the number of computers (desktops or laptops) located at your premises. Allocate 1 point per computer to be included in the maintenance agreement.

What do you mean by VIP Users?

VIP Users are those members that require immediate support should they encounter any issue. Examples of these are Directors, Executives, Accounts, Managers etc. Allocate 1 point per VIP User to be included in the maintenance agreement.


What is a Network Printer?

A Network Printer is any printer that is connected to your network that can be accessed by multiple users. It is very likely that you possess a Network Printer. Allocate 1 point per Network Printer that you require maintenance of.

Network Devices

What is a Router?

A Router is device that connects the computers on your network to the internet, via a shared connection. It is very likely that you possess a Router. Allocate 1 point per Router that you require maintenance of.

What is a Managed Switch?

A Managed Switch is a physical device (usually located within your server cabinet) that allows an IT admin to configure, manage and monitor your network (LAN). Allocate 1 point per Managed Switch that you require maintenance of.

What is a Dedicated Backup Device?

A Dedicated Backup Device is any hard drive or appliance that is consistently used to backup the files on your computers and servers. Allocate 1 point per Dedicated Backup Device that you require maintenance of.

What is a Wireless Access Point?

A Wireless Access Point is a device (similar in appearance to a router) that creates a wireless network from your wired network, allowing users with WiFi capable devices to connect to the network and internet. It is very likely that you possess a Wireless Access Point. Allocate 1 point per Wireless Access Point that you require maintenance of.

IP Telephony

What is a Softphone?

A Softphone is a phone that allows users to make calls over the internet (rather than a traditonal phone line) from a computer or other smart device. Allocate 1 point per Softphone that you require maintenance of.

What is a Handset?

A Handset refers to any telephone or mobile phone (that is not a Softphone – see above)  in use at your premises that you would like to include in your maintenance agreement. Allocate 1 point per Handset that you require maintenance of.


What is MS Exchange Server?

MS (Microsoft) Exchange Server is software that manages all emails being sent and received to and from your network. This software is usually installed on your physical server. Allocate 1 point per separate installation of MS Exchange Server that you require maintenance of.

What is VOIP Telephony?

VOIP (Voice Over IP) Telephony is any software that allows phone-calls to be made over the internet. This is to be calculated in addition to the number of Softphones or Handsets (see above) in use at your premises. Allocate ONLY 1 point if this software is in use at your premises, regardless of how many terminals it is installed on.

What is Pastel?

Pastel is accounting software used to manage billing and accounts. Allocate 1 point.

What do you mean by Security?

Security refers to any firewall or security software installed on your server. Allocate 1 point per server running security software that you require maintenance of.

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