What is remote IT support?

Remote IT support is when you grant us access to your computer via a secure internet connection, allowing us to login and fix your problem. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1

Start a Live Chat with us (orange bar bottom right of screen)

Step 2

Place an order for remote IT support and make payment

Step 3

Download and install TeamViewer QuickSupport on your PC

The answer to those day-to-day setbacks

When the little things go wrong and obstruct your workflow, remote IT support should fix the problem within minutes

Can't send or receive emails

Your email settings will be tested and reconfigured so that you can get back to work quickly

Can't connect to the printer

Communication with the printer will be re-established and your queued documents sent for printing

Your display has changed

Display settings and drivers will be renewed and your graphics will be optimised

Hardware stopped working

Whether it’s your keyboard, mouse, speakers, CD ROM, or USB port, we’ll diagnose and repair the problem

Can't access your files

File paths will be mapped and restored and/or your network settings will be corrected

An application won't open

The software application in question will be repaired or re-installed and once again be functional

You have no sound

Your device/s and accompanying sound drivers will be tested and re-installed with functional sound

Webcam not working

We’ll test your webcam hardware to determine that it’s operable and/or change or reset software settings

Is it safe to allow remote access to my computer?

You can watch what we do

Our remote access system allows you to watch what the technician is doing on your computer as he does it. It’s kinda cool and can be quite instructive. We also initiate a LiveChat or phone call with you, so you can talk to the technician and they can explain what they’re doing, or answer your questions along the way.


We can only connect if you allow it

What’s more, each remote session requires new login credentials. This means that once the repair work is done and the remote connection is closed, it cannot be reopened unless you send us the new unique ID and Password generated by TeamViewer.


Please Live Chat with us or give us a call on 011 768 6749 to discuss whether remote IT support is a good option for you and the issue you are currently experiencing.

Remote IT Support

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